Friday, January 29, 2010

As we grow older, we drift farther apart.

I decided to post this up cause I'm really in a slum right now. I cannot decide on what I wanna go for college yet, and all my friends are gonna be leaving the country sooner or later. How much worse can this get? I am really feeling sad.

I was looking forward to something along the automotive line, but I can't really put my mind to it yet. Its confusing and also frustrating. I envy those who have good grades and already know what they wanna do in their future and set their mind to it, I can't. At least, not yet. All of a sudden I wish I could do something related to golf after the Selangor Amateur I just played. Kinda makes me wanna work on my golf, proved to me I can sorta do it...

Right, about the Selangor Amateur. Hisyam Majid is the winner! I dunno, but as a friend I am proud for him, he worked hard for it after all. I got 17th and Ashraf got 18th. So it was a pretty good outing for me, and my friends. This is the first ever tournament I have played a consistent below 80 rounds. Hahaha as pathetic as it sounds. But I kinda like it. Hopefully alot more to come.

I just wish that all of us can stay close to each other and not drift apart. We'll see how it goes. Cheers all.

Signing out,

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tempoh sekolah menengah sudah tamat!

Kini, tempoh persekolahan menengah saya sudah pun bertamat. I cannot explain the feeling in words. I thought I'd start this blog post with a little Bahasa Malaysia as I won't be writing it much till I work. Maybe? Haha my Bahasa already sucks, now its gonna suck even more.

Anyway, SPM is over and its time to rave. But sadly I have to prepare myself for the SICC Junior Invitational coming up next week. Will be leaving this Saturday. =) So raving will have to wait till after my tournaments. Haha gonna be practicing hard for the next couple of days and I will be playing the practice round in Singapore. Most likely with Ashraf and Justin Heah. Heahheahheahheah =)

I should be taking a camera along, so I will upload a whole bunch of pictures (if I feel like it) when I get back. Till then =) Cheers!

Signing out

Monday, December 7, 2009

I am enjoying life =D

Keeping to my word, I'll keep updating this god forsaken blog to keep it alive. I've been having a fucking good time messing up some people's minds and it is fucking pleasurable. Haha I've been enjoying it.

Today I play golf me my bud Hisyam. Played 18 holes and he told me to watch Chopper Reid. I've never watched it before but I find it bloody hilarious. Haha

To further news, I have a Commerce exams on Wednesday that I really should be studying for but it's pissing up my ass. I'm so tired of trying to do it... Good luck to em' who have Chemistry tomorrow. All the best to you and enjoy your life after it. Fuckin' bang! Haha.

Signing out,

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Wow =)

Hey guys. I just realized I have not posted something up on my blog in freaking years! This is wonderful. I dunno where to start off. Heh.

Well for starters, I'm almost at the end of SPM. I just have one more paper this upcoming Wednesday. Commerce is a pain in the ass. It's like Accounts plus Economics. Half-assed subject. Haha I really just, can't wait for high school life to be over. Even though I'll have to start working my ass of to get good grades in college and to put bread on the table. But I cannot wait. I wanna be done with high school, spread my wings and fly. By that I mean grab my car keys and go where I wanna go without thinking about school. Well, at least till college. Hahaha

Singapore. Yes, I have blogged about it before and I am going to do so again. Last year I attended the SICC International Junior Championship, expenses paid thanks to Kelab Golf Negara Subang. This year I will be attending again, thanks again to KGNS for paying for our trip. The tournament dates are the 15th to the 17th with practice round on the 14th. I should be heading down with Hisyam Majid on the 12th =) Gonna share a room with Ashraf. This year its gonna be fun. Although I have no shopping budget. Look out Singaporians, I'mma coming =)

Anyway, I'm gonna try to keep my blog alive =) We'll see how it goes. All the best to those people who still have SPM examinations and damn those who are already done =)

Signing out,

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Exams over! Next hurdle! :)

Hey peeps! My exams just finished today, and YES, I am extremely happy! Finally over, and I felt like this term was better, cause I actually studied :) Hehehe so as usual, on to golf. I'm gonna be heading to Johor for the Sportsexcel on saturday. I hope more people are playing. Its seems as if no one is going. Ashraf, WC and fei fei aren't going. LOL and I'm gonna be staying with RA BUNNY (Rabbani). Thats gonna be a load of shouting and screaming... and most of all, FUN. Hehehe
So one thing I'm really worried about is my swing. Yes, again. I am swinging it okay but I just ain't getting all of it. Haihz. I guess you wont understand what I meant unless you're a golfer :) sorreh. So yeah, some pictures of my swing? :)

Notice how my right foot stays planted on the ground?? Maybe thats why I get all my power from.. Hmmm but the swing looks okay. Just, I ain't getting it good. Keep hitting duffs and tops. Even shanked a couple of em'. OMG can die. But at least I dont look like a retarded monkey dancing :) PATRICK! Hahaha!

Ahhh! Its so nice to blog again. After some time. The best part is I have some pictures :) Hahaha. Raping it all up, lifes actually been pretty good lately :) just cant wait for Johor!! Hahaha gambate!

Signing out,

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Exams are now! 0.0

The thought of everyone thinking my blog is dead is kinda sad. But I guess I will continue to post new ones so people will actually start visiting again. So yeah, exams are here and I'm trying my hardest to actually study. Been really busy lately that I haven't been golfing at all and my golf, well, its going to the dogs! sigh..

But! Oh yeah there's a but. From my last post I stated that I won the KGNS Junior Club Championship. So I got some cash vouchers and bought myself some JL clothes. Yes, J.Lindeberg. Not Johnston Lim, Josie Lee, Jaden Law etc. Hahaha! So yeah, nice shirts. Got one problem. The cutting of the sleeves on one of them is short so you see my tan line! HAHAHA retarded central man. But it looks nice. Who cares bout my tan line! (alot of people? whatever) hehehe. I also went out and bought myself a Canterbury IONX inner shirt :) Hahaha I'm pretty happy.

Oh I went out with my sister the other night. Went to this place at Th Curve called Winter Warmers. I had a sausage puffy. RECOMMENDED! hehehe

Okay peeps. So I'm actually doing mathematics exercises now. WOAH yeah I know. Got a full day tomorrow man. Maths and Commerce in the morning, then tuition in the evening and at night. And my parents are coming back tomorrow. Hehehe :)

Signing out yoo,

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ho hoi!

Yeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaahoohoohooooooooooooi! I think everyone thinks my blog is dead? I havent had anyone come in since? God knows when. I think since I blocked my blog from being viewed nobody wants to come back and check it out. Retardation but oh well. I hope people will realise that it is NOT DEAD!!!

Shit man. I'm totally screwing up on my golf lately. I haven't been playing my game man. So totally ridiculous. Recently played two tounaments, the Malaysian Closed and the KGNS Junior Championship and wow, did I shoot high scores man. I miss the cut for the Malaysian closed and i shot 78 82 in my home club. This ain't funny anymore man. Although I did win the KGNS Junior, it was just unsatisfactory the way I played. If you were in my position i guess you;d understand. UNDERstand :) get it? Nevermind....

So now, I hear Kevin is leaving Wilson Staff. I don't know what is gonna happen. Hmmm Kevin, when you get there give me a ringgg! hehehe I wanna see what kinda new stuff he gets from his new company. Lol Seng Tat messaged me on facebook and asked me bout my golf -.- quote "Whats been happening to you game lately man??".. Hahahah lacking practice. So filled with tuition nowadays...

Yeah, tuition... Or DIUtion. hahaa I got tuition again tomorrow. Maths and then BM and History. LOL dude... Exams start tomorrow!!! OMG Its here. The mid term that we all dread is here.. But i'm still sitting on my ass doing nothing. Why is it so? Arent I afraid? I'm sure I am but I just don't wanna sit down and study.

And yes, studying. Thats something alot of people have already started to do while I sit on my fat (and getting fatter) arse and do nothing..... ARGH this is annoying. I gotta get some motivation in me to start doing what I should be doing. Hmmm

Thats just my thoughts, so boring arent I? Cheers!

Signing out,